Pioneer DV-414 Signals

The Sonic Frontiers/Assemblage DAC-3 accepts 96 x 24 data on either S/PDIF, AES, Toslink, or I2Se inputs. The Pioneer DV-414 DVD player is one of the few that sends full, unencrypted 96 x 24 audio data out it's Toslink and S/PDIF outputs. The question here is whether 96 x 24 signals in the DV-414 can be sent to the Ultra Analog I2Se transmitter board obtained from Sonic Frontiers, permitting I2Se operation from 96 x 24 DVDs.

One of the major goals of I2Se is the reduction of data-induced jitter by providing the clock signals on dedicated lines, rather than multiplexing them as with S/PDIF and AES/EBU. A question that comes up is whether the easy to reach traces of the DV-414 present adequately low jitter clock signals to obtain this advantage.

Opening the DV-414 and taking a look inside: