Paradise Point Houseboats Information

Here are scans of some of the information provided by Paradise Point about their rental houseboats. Some of the pages not included pertain to their Lake Mead location, National Park rules there, and Nevada boating laws.

Area map for driving in

Driving directions

Map of the dock area

Houseboat features

An inventory of the houseboat equipment, mostly in the kitchen.

Some ideas about operating costs, such as fuel for movement and electric power

Suggested items to bring


Temperature and fishing information

Solar power

In addition I am probably bringing:
  1. Portable solar panel
  2. 12V battery
  3. solar charge controller
  4. custom panel with circuit breakers and 12V cigarette lighter outlets
  5. small inverter for AC power from the battery
  6. power strip
mainly to keep electronics charged. You could also run the houseboat's own generator or (battery-backed inverter?) for AC power, but I already have the battery, solar panel, etc. Solar is cleaner, quieter, etc., but then you already knew that. ;)

Note to self: Increase circuit breaker sizes and bring larger inverter. Existing breakers and inverter were too small to charge laptop.

Personal Safety Equipment

Here's a document about personal safety equipment. A PFD and flashlight are definitely good to bring. An FRS radio for communicating too.